You’ve Got Mail – Your Email Marketing Is in Their Inbox

Sales-related content on social media platforms though very powerful, can easily be ignored by users. They swipe down along a screen and a business’ sales message can be forgotten as users move onto other exciting news.

Email marketing, on the other hand, cannot be so easily ignored. Emails remain in inboxes until a user actively gets rid of it by pressing delete, but not before they consciously take a look at the email’s subject line. This is important as this fact promotes email marketing as an effective marketing tool to nurture potential prospects into buying from you when their need arises.

As an agency, by providing your business client with a promising unique position like this you are offering them the chance to directly provide a prospective buyer with specific information that addresses a particular need or challenge.

At SEO Resellers Canada, we use our expertise in the industry to help your business clients achieve more from their email campaigns. Here are a few ways we can help your clients achieve better returns on investment.


Short, highly relevant emails in an inbox, that offer to make a prospect’s life or business better, are more likely to be happily received. A good idea here would be to segment a target client base where your clients’ emails are sent to customers who meet a specified set of criteria.

Encourage conversation

Open up opportunities for conversation. Allow prospective buyers to ask questions by responding to emails. This is a favourable opportunity to find out how best a business can address the needs of potential customers, increasing the chances of a guaranteed sale.

Automated marketing

This can be a highly effective marketing tool. An online campaign indicator website has found that automated email campaigns resulted in generating 21 percent of email marketing revenue.

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