You Can Now Add Music To Static Posts On Instagram

Instagram just became more interesting ‒ which is a big statement considering that it’s the fastest-growing social media network with a quarterly growth rate of 5%. The IG team has made it possible to add music to a static image post which gives marketing agencies, white-label social media management agencies, digital marketing reseller businesses, and social media reseller services in Canada an emotive way to connect with their IG audience.

Why Is Music Important For Your IG Post’s Discoverability?

Music is a driving force of expression, brand and personality which greatly enhances the IG experience, as you have seen in the Reels and Stories. Now your powerful campaign photos just became more potent. 

The licensed music tracks from Meta’s vast Sound library give you many creative options for your client’s Instagram updates. Your creative team can now leverage images, graphics and music to design more emotionally engaging posts. With your careful target market analysis, you will now be able to effectively align these more captivating posts with pinpointed customer behaviours.

Music is showing how quickly it can gain a loyal following and create viral sharing events, so the networks that add musical features are giving marketing campaigns influential opportunities to convert leads into sales.

How Will This New Feature Be Used? 

To use this feature, you still need to get the basics right. Your campaign needs to be preplanned at least 3 months in advance, your audience needs to be carefully defined, and their behaviour needs to be reviewed. 

When you have chosen and planned your perfect image or graphic and have scheduled your post, you can now choose the newly launched ‘Add Music’ option during the composer flow. You can search through the licensed music tracks from Meta’s Sound Collection for the perfect tune that aligns with your brand values, campaign goal, and audience’s preferences. When you have selected the track, you will be redirected to a page that lists previous posts that select that track.

The next step is to choose a segment, as an extract from the whole track, that is a minimum of five seconds or a maximum of one and a half minutes long. It is important to not rush this by randomly choosing any section so that you can move on to the post. Rushing your social media posts is a guarantee for mediocrity, so avoid the temptation. Your music choice must add power, context, atmosphere, drama or upliftment. The last step: click Done and share your creative message.

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