Has your digital agency used Yelp before? Yelp is a platform that publishes crowd-sourced reviews about different businesses. From restaurants to auto services to locksmiths to shopping, Yelp covers a wide range of businesses and industries that are bound to include many of your digital agency’s clients. Yelp’s reviews can be highly beneficial to your digital agency as well as your clients, offering clients an easily accessible look at how they are perceived by their customers. Your digital agency can get further insight than just the reviews if you look at Yelp itself. Our Digital Resellers Canada team offers outsource digital marketing services to digital agencies like yours and is here to provide some Yelp statistics that you can use to benefit your clients.

The Typical Yelp Users’ Demographic

Let’s take a look at what the statistics say and how the demographics are populated:

  • 53% of Yelp users are female and 47% male
  • 50% are living in towns and rural areas, and the other 50% in cities
  • 29% of users are aged between 25-34 – the largest segment noted
  • 13% of users are aged between 55-64 – the smallest segment noted
  • 48% of Yelp users have high household incomes, while 34% are classified as middle-ranged, and 18% identify themselves as having a low income

Armed with this information, your digital agency can help ensure that your clients have a good idea of the types of people reviewing them on Yelp. Take these statistics and apply them to the relevant industry for your clients in order to showcase the value that Yelp may provide them.

Yelp Statistics Reveal Certain Preferences Held By Consumers

According to statistics, 54% of Yelp users are open to advertising provided they receive some kind of free content in return, though 47% report being unfavourable to receiving ads based on their search histories. When it comes to the effectiveness of typical advertising, 25% of Yelp users purchased a product that was advertised to them by an influencer or celebrity. When taking the opinions of a Yelp user into account, your digital agency can help your clients to make smarter advertising decisions. 

Yelp Users Are Typically Active On Social Media

In the US, Yelp ranks as one of the top 10 social networks, with 78% of users being active daily on social media. Around 12% of Yelp users are active on the platform more than once a week. By understanding how active the target audience is online and on social media platforms, you can ensure that your digital agency is present on the right online channels. 

What Motivates Consumers To Recommend Brands Or Companies On Yelp?

77% of users reported recommending a specific brand or company when they enjoy their products or services, with 54% making recommendations based on good customer service. 46% will recommend a brand or company when they are motivated by a discount or a giveaway. Understanding what is likely to urge customers to recommend your digital agency’s clients online as well as to their personal network of friends and family can help you to ensure that you are helping your clients tick the necessary boxes and establish a good reputation for their client base.

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