Creating value in every aspect of your marketing services may seem like an impossible task. Surely creating links between your client’s content and other platforms is good enough? It does check the box, but this is where the distinction between a good digital marketing agency and a great one emerges. True value and opportunity for growth lie in the quality of the link that is created. At Globital, we strive to endorse this principle so that your agency provides only the best for your clients. Your success is our success, after all!

A Refresher For Agencies: The Basic Concepts Of Link Building Explored

While we’re all experts in our fields, it’s always great to read a refresher. In case you forgot, search engines use links in one of two ways: either they use the link to populate their search results and discover new web pages, or they use the links to establish ranking when delivering their results. In both of these scenarios, high-quality links offer more value to the end-user and are therefore favoured above links that are purely created for volume or to tick a box.

The quality of the content on the web page plays a significant role in determining the rank it is offered, but so are the number of links that direct traffic to the page and its quality. Think of it as a reference for a research paper. If the writer uses a generic open-source reference as opposed to a published academic article, the value of the research paper comes into question. It works the same way with the content on your client’s website.

Naturally, the organic creation of these links is the ultimate prize – think about posting a link on your client’s far-reaching platform promoting the values or knowledge shared (and establishing your client as an industry leader) to their audience or followers. Your clients simply cannot ask for a better endorsement (provided the referring site is in good steading) – it is the digital equivalent of word of mouth.

This brings up the next important point: your clients need something of value to link to. Not only in the links that are used within their site (this is a multi-directional relationship after all), but the content on their site should also be linkable and encourage users to make those links.

Your clients will be able to build relationships, build their brand identity, and encourage referral traffic if your agency handles it the right way.

Leave The Links To Us!

You can see here that high-quality links are critical to the success of your client’s digital success. Trust a white label digital marketing agency that knows the ins and outs of what it takes to generate true value in terms of link building. Email us today at