Why Keeping Briefs Short Creates For Brief Business

Marketing agencies, back in the day, would treat the briefing process with such care and focus. A brief back then would involve business meet-ups, coffee greet-ups and weeks of conversation between client and agency. Agencies would take the time, and put in the physical effort, to get to know their client and what they wanted, what they expected. Marketing teams would meet to swap ideas, to discuss campaigns further, to delve into their client’s company and brand, and gather together to finally be on the same marketing page.

It’s no wonder with such time taken that marketing agencies would never face disapproval or dissatisfaction from a client.

Marketing Then Moved Into The Digital Space 

Then marketing moved into the digital space, along with business operations adapting to a more technological environment. Time spent face to face with clients lessened, briefs were not as often discussed in person but were delivered in electronic format, and briefs themselves became simplified and shorter.

Digital agencies changed client communications and the acquisition of briefs to a digital channel. Briefs were emailed, followed by quick cellular call or discussion on Skype. Days of face to face clients, whether in their offices or at the local trending coffee shop, were long gone.

While shorter briefs now accommodate a virtual marketing landscape, lately, marketing briefs no longer ensure successful marketing projects. The briefing game has turned to a short and sweet one. However, the once effective short brief is now turning business sour. Short briefs not aiding marketers in the effective creation of marketing material and campaigns.

Along with shorter briefs, the urgency present in the digital world is also compromising the way agencies create content. A fast digital landscape, where everything is urgent, and content needs to be published yesterday, means digital content is produced at a much faster rate; and this isn’t good. With copywriters and marketers spending a brief amount of time on each campaign and other marketing products, clients are becoming more unhappy with what they receive.

How Brief Is Too Brief? 

While marketing agencies way back when would take time to brief and debrief agencies, the new short and sweet nature of briefs calls for a new time to keep briefs short, but not that short.

Briefs can be short and sweet, but make sure to make it not too simple. Taking the time, well at least more time than your agency has been taking, to speak to the client and truly create a proper, thorough brief will ensure that your agency produces the best services for your clients. And happy clients mean more business!

Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg of our advice on creating briefs for your digital marketing campaigns. If you’re interested in learning more, contact the experts at SEO Resellers Canada. We’ll show you how your agency can keep it short, but never too simple. We also have professional, high-quality white label social media and white label copywriters and top-notch white label SEO services to help your agency enjoy more and more happy clients!

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