Marketing in the modern world is anything but simple. There’s no one simple procedure for digital agencies to follow that promises success for their clients. With a world full of varying demographics and target audiences, there is a need for bespoke marketing strategies tailored to each client’s needs. For that reason, there are endless types of marketing strategies and approaches, each with different benefits and applications. Digital agencies can’t be complacent, feeling secure as being an expert in one specific marketing tactic. Good digital agencies know the importance of keeping up to date with new strategies as well as which techniques resonate with consumers at that point in time.

In 2022, we at Digital Resellers Canada can confidently say that our experience partnering with digital agencies has shown us that authentic storytelling is essential no matter what marketing strategy a digital agency chooses for its clients.

Why Is Storytelling Important In Marketing?

Marketing is all about selling a product, service or brand to the target audience. It used to be as simple as declaring a service the best or how you couldn’t live without this product, but this is no more. The modern consumer is no longer interested in hearing that the people presenting the product, service, or brand believe in their own offering. They want to hear about the story behind the brand, the people behind the product and the passionate minds behind the service. Today’s consumer wants to listen to your client’s story and learn what they have done up until this point to deliver on the promises they have made. 

Take Control Of The Story, Don’t Rely On Others To Tell It For You

Storytelling in marketing needs to come straight from the horse’s mouth. While reviews and word-of-mouth can go a long way, it’s important not to rely solely on opinions of a product or service. Digital agencies should focus on the bigger picture, the stories and testimonials surrounding a customer’s experience. Tell the story of the problem your client has solved or the difference they have made. 

Why Authenticity Matters To Consumers 

It’s important to understand that while consumers are hungry for stories from brands, they have no desire for overreaching tales or exaggerated claims. Brands that tell grandiose stories about the wonderful work they have done for their communities or claim to embody certain values must understand that, in 2022, it’s all too easy for consumers to verify or disprove anything the brand has to say with a few quick searches. Brands that have been inauthentic in their storytelling will not be doing themselves any favours. Instead, they will be damaging their brand’s image and reputation. Digital agencies should take care to guide their clients and encourage them to be as authentic as possible when telling their stories to avoid any backlash.

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