The Google community associated with WooCommerce, formerly declared that Google Marketing Live is finally accessible to users worldwide. That integration enables WooCommerce clients to showcase their products and inventory across Google resources for free, including a simple formation within the WooCommerce program. WooCommerce traders can upload their stocks onto Google, create ad campaigns and free listings, and review production metrics — all without dropping their WooCommerce dashboard, from a blog written by Matt Madrigal, VP/GM of Merchant Shopping launch.

Why We Care

Currently, online shopping went up to 44% throughout COVID-19 and is suspected of remaining essential as many customers have converted to the safety and convenience of online retail shopping. Additionally, the alliance with buying partners such as WooCommerce makes it more manageable for commerce and retail allies to lead that heightened following across Google’s shopping platforms, including Search, Youtube, Shopping and Image Search. That specific integration will ensure it is more effortless for WooCommerce merchants to upload and download their product inventory to Google, of which people can then devise free Google merchandise listings and start Google ad campaigns, entirely from within the WooCommerce dashboard or platform. 

eCommerce joins flawlessly with innovation, has become a pivotal center for Google since it investigates to resist off search competition and establish more audience interaction cases within its apps. Recently, Google drafted its latest Shopping Graph, an AI-enhanced model that explains an ever-evolving assortment of products, reviews, sellers, brands and expedites a more comprehensive, responsive on-platform shopping encounter.

Given the platform’s ubiquity and reach, it’s well-positioned to shift to a critical objective for online shopping. That is why retailers need to stay updated with these updates to maximize their susceptibility to individuals viewing their products.

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