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Social media is a tried and tested way of engaging existing clients, attracting and nurturing an audience of prospective clients, driving more traffic to your client’s website and generating leads. If you are in search of an affordable, easy way to improve your clients overall social media presence on a range of popular social networks, then Digital Resellers Canada can help you.

Social Media

Outsourcing your social media marketing and management to us means your client’s campaign will be professionally created at amazingly affordable rates by our team of social media gurus. As a successful agency yourself, you’re well aware of the immense cost of social media marketing, both financially and in terms of employing well-trained staff. We’re here for you to offload this vital marketing weapon to us at a fraction of the cost with a promise of the best ROI possible.

We deliver a strong suite of first-class social media marketing services for Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram and Twitter; and we do it all out of sight. The process is made to be as simple to use as possible. We effectively perform the work and you keep the profits while benefitting from a boost in clients and reputation.


Digital Resellers Canada offers the following social media services:

  • Social media strategy
  • Day to day account management
  • Creation of infographics and branded imagery/text
  • Comprehensive monthly reporting
  • Ongoing sales support and meetings


  • An extra stream of profit from existing clients
  • A convenient “one-stop shop” service for your customers
  • Boosted brand loyalty and customer spending
  • Reliably outsourcing tasks that would have otherwise needed an in-house solution
  • An expandable offering that grows with your growth

Our white label social media marketing services support your ability to provide your client with a greater marketing reach. Small Canadian agencies just don’t have the capital and human resources to offer and perform social media marketing to the extent that their clients deserve. We assist you to provide your customers with a social media existence that every modern business needs to get the competitive edge they want. Social media has a measurable impact on buying decisions and with our services you can assist your clients with top-notch social marketing products.

Outsource your Social Media Marketing today!