If you operate a business online, you’ll know that copywriting is one of the most important elements of your brand’s online presence. If offline marketing is part of your strategy, professional content creation is just as important to ensure articles are authoritative, advertisements are responsive and press releases get published. It is something that your client’s potential customers will judge them on and use to form an idea of them. It is thus something that you cannot afford to ignore, as it can cause an untold amount of damage to business.


Search engines also use online copy to rank your client’s websites and their campaigns. We understand that your clients need copy that is both creative and also able to fit in with their search engine optimization strategies. With Digital Resellers Canada, you can achieve this for them by affordably outsourcing offshore content writing at wholesale rates to our native English speaking copywriters.

We will give you access to a service that fulfils more than one need at once with copy that is SEO compliant, keyword optimized and geared towards your client’s online ranking success. We want you to be able to provide your clients with a full-service digital offering, and with this service you will be more equipped to do this than ever.

Whether you are looking to add copy to your client’s website, have been let down by a freelance copywriter or need a press release written, we can help. We’re also experts in writing blog posts and managing email marketing campaigns. The fact that most of our clients come back to us, again and again, is a testament to the quality of service that we offer. Boost your existing client offering by adding in a copywriting service, using a team of native English speaking content writers, editors, and journalists.


Copywriting services


Our competitive edge is that our copywriters are all highly skilled native English language speakers, with proven experience in writing for the online and offline environment. You can outsource copywriting services at wholesale rates! Our turnaround times are very impressive and we have multiple quality checks to prevent errors. We work with a wide range of businesses on a day-to-day basis with no area of operation too obscure. This is important, as you want someone who truly understands your brand to write about it. Why not outsource your copywriting now? Join our white label content writing and creation program now!