What Are Progressive Web Apps, And Should You Be Using Them?

Since the rise of smartphones and the constantly advancing nature of technology, consumers have been presented with more and more ways to interact and get what they need. From internet shopping to contacting a brand directly on social media to having a dedicated resource to access anything they need at any time, applications have been at the forefront of digital marketing for some time now. With the popularity of apps, it’s become increasingly important for digital agencies and marketers to be capable of serving customers’ needs quickly, from anywhere and at any time. 

As popular as apps have been, technology and the online world are constantly shifting and evolving, which has caused apps to decline when it comes to their excitement value. App retention rates are steadily declining, resulting in a loss of popularity and even revenue for brands that have been unable to move with the times. That’s where progressive web apps come in.

What Is A Progressive Web App?

A progressive web app is a web page or application that has been designed to look and work the same as the native mobile applications users have become accustomed to. Progressive web apps leverage the features of web browsers (Chrome, Explorer, Mozilla Firefox etc.) combined with strategies and enhancements that give the web app the same experience they might have using a native app on a mobile device. A progressive web app is essentially a hybrid between native applications and websites, combining the best features of each to deliver a user experience that is familiar yet convenient and easy to use while being exceptionally easy to code, much like any other web page.

What Are The Advantages Of Progressive Web Apps?

Progressive web apps are particularly appealing to users, growing in popularity rapidly. Of course, they do have certain limitations, but the benefits far outweigh any drawbacks. There are many advantages to progressive web apps, including:

  • Secure
    As progressive web apps exist on web pages, they have the advantage of being exceptionally secure because every progressive web app is required to have an SSL certificate.
  • Convenience
    Many smartphone users grow annoyed by applications taking up too much space on their devices and the frequent need to purge their phones to make room for more storage space. The frequent need to update applications and deal with push notifications can also be frustrating for users. Progressive web apps are accessible from the home screen but are hosted online, making use of caching to increase speed and offer all of the same convenience and features of native web apps without their drawbacks.
  • Engaging
    Users find progressive web apps easy to interact with, increasing user engagement as they integrate so well with both the web and devices.

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Why Should Digital Agencies Use Progressive Web Apps?

Progressive web apps are the latest technology that all digital agencies should look to embrace:

  • Progressive web apps can be developed on a much tighter budget than a mobile application
  • Progressive web apps help your clients reach a much wider audience
  • Progressive web apps can be developed quickly, great for clients with very tight deadlines
  • Progressive web apps are good for indexing on search engines

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