Using social media as a tool for brand building is a concept many clients still have a hard time getting their heads around, and many don’t see its value at the beginning stages of marketing their business.

As social media resellers, we can advise you that if you’re used to hearing these types of concerns from clients, choosing the right social media platform can allay their fears. One of the best platforms to do this currently is Instagram.

Why choose Instagram?

Instagram is excellent for building a brand presence. According to Instagram COO Marne Levine, over 80% of its users use it to voluntarily connect with brands. Research company Forrester also reveals that brand engagement on this platform is 10 times higher than Facebook and 84 times higher than Twitter.

Clients who use Instagram can look forward to the long-term brand building; engaging with the right audience and creating lasting relationships with them at the same time.

If they’ve tried Instagram before and had no success, chances are they created a profile without thinking about their strategy or content. This is the wrong approach to take to any marketing but one that you can step in and help them with.

How to use Instagram to build your brand

Before you begin, you need a strategy to inform your approach and how it differs from competitors, if it’s in line with the brand’s positioning and most importantly – if it’s in line with what their audience craves. If your client has no idea what inspires their ideal consumer, how can they create content that’s supposed to do just that?

You then need to decide on what kind of content you’ll share. Will it be photography, illustration or user-generated imagery? What kind of images should your account avoid sharing? It helps to have a few uniform rules to guide to the content being created. You might have to try out various approaches before you find one that works and once you’ve done so, it’s important to remain consistent.

A final aspect that can assist with the brand building is to seek out collaborations with relevant influencers or similar brands that can add an air of authenticity and increase exposure naturally.

All of this won’t happen overnight, but it’s important clients understand that creating a social media presence that truly makes an impact and builds their brand will take a little time and effort.

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