The Ultimate SEO Website Audit For Digital Marketing Agencies And Their Clients

Conducting a detailed, thorough SEO website audit for clients comes with the job of being a digital marketing agency. It is all part and parcel of what digital marketing agencies offer. It is also generally the first thing we offer to attract new clients, so making a great impression with the most detailed, accurate, and informative SEO website audit is key.

To help digital marketing agencies to hook those new clients in and keep those clients in and recurring ones seeing great results, we at Digital Resellers Canada have provided some advice on the ultimate SEO website.

The Ultimate SEO Audit Has Customisable Settings And Embed Options Which Bring In Leads

As a Wholesale digital marketing agency, a powerful audit tool scans deeply if customizable options allow for this. From subdomains, pages, test pages, and more, the ultimate SEO audit is able to be set to scan further than most average audits and boasts a high level of detail. Furthermore, digital marketing agencies should have the ultimate SEO audit embed options and widgets that create leads through a simple on-page audit.

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Any Must-Use SEO Audit Boasts A White Label Option

According to Search Engine Watch, “Building credibility and trust with your clients is the number one priority for agencies. As found in multiple sources, over about 70% percent of a business that comes to agencies is generated through referral which is built on trust and loyalty. A few suggestions on how to choose software with the white label option:

  • Choose the one that offers white label as part of a subscription plan.
  • The software has to be easily customizable.
  • The reports need to reflect your identity, be easily created and distributed.
  • The projects should be accessible through links with no additional authorization but with full authorization control for different levels of access.”

For The Ultimate Audit, It Must Include Comparative Data, Dynamic Analysis And A Customizable Reporting Module

To be able to do an average audit is one thing. To be able to do an audit with comparative data and dynamics analysis is another. Showing clients website errors from different periods and providing different timely reports is beneficial in providing evidence of errors fixed and improvements made.

According to Search Engine Watch, “Reports should be available as an on-demand created manual report or an automatically generated report delivered on a set schedule to specific email addresses. Reports must be white-labelled and highly customizable in order to present them in the most authentic manner that reflects your brand and expertise.. Reports must be ready-to-download in popular formats such as .pdf, .csv, .xls or .html.”

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