The Power Of Video Marketing: 5 Creative Video Content Ideas

Coming up with winning content ideas for your clients is a full-time job. Crafting videos for your clients is even harder. As a provider of white label marketing services in Canada, we offer white label outsourcing services for social media, and we know all of the best content ideas. 

Stay on top of TikTok and other video content with these five video content ideas.

1.  Whiteboard Video

No matter your client’s industry or USP, explainer videos can be used as lead magnets, ads or general content. Explainer videos are engaging and interesting, and whiteboard type videos allow for your client to pass the reigns of the video creation process completely to you seeing as it doesn’t require any “face-time” from the client themselves. 


2.  Tips And Tricks (Face Video)

This type of video content may be slightly more challenging to collaborate on with your client because you’ll need a spokesperson from your client’s business to hop in front of the camera. Super short videos that offer must-have advice or pointers make for great content across YouTube, IG Reels, TikTok and websites. Be sure to end with a clear CTA to leverage the views you’ll receive. 


3.  BTS

In today’s age of digital always-on culture, customers love to see behind the scenes and into the inner workings of the business. Follow your client around for a day and video the work that goes into a new product release or the launch of an event. Better yet, have an influencer in your client’s industry tag along for some star power and to boost views. 

Share, Learn, Grow

Become an even better digital agency owner when you surround yourself with fellow marketers and business owners. Join our incredible Facebook group today and ask questions, offer up solutions, and collaborate to grow your business.  


4.  Time-lapse

Time-lapse videos are easy to film on most modern phones and effortlessly show customers how something is made, an event is hosted, and much more. By speeding up a lengthy process, your video will condense an interesting, visual story into something quick and easy to digest in the age of 5 second videos. 

5.  Video + Animation

No matter what kind of content you’re releasing, adding animation effects to your client’s videos can increase the professionalism of the content. Movement, icons, and colourful additions can all improve your raw footage. 

There is no doubt that video marketing is the king of content at the moment and it isn’t going anywhere yet. Outsource your content creation needs to our qualified white label team today and unlock more time so you can focus on other areas of your agency.


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