The Business Listing feature, “Local Justifications,” while quite new on the digital space, is fast becoming a popular to-do on most digital marketing plans-of-action. And it should be. If you’re a digital marketing agency owner, but “local justifications” are not on your marketing radar yet, they should be. Let us at Digital Resellers Canada shed some light on “Local Justifications” and why you should be incorporating this into your client’s marketing solutions.

What Are “Local Justifications”?

According to digitalmaas, “On the surface, local justifications are similar to sections that affect GMB rankings – while not ranking factors per se, they do help some listings stand out over others.” Furthermore, according to, “A local justification is an extra snippet of text Google can display on business listings in the local packs, local finders, and Google Maps to signal to searchers that a feature of the business specifically matches their perceived intent.”


Types of “Local Justifications” include review justifications which are sourced from your clients’ Google My Business (GMB) reviews; website justifications which are always pulled from the website linked in your clients’ GMB listings; Google posts justifications and content; service justifications which are from the Services section of your clients’ Google My Business dashboard as well as menu justifications and in-stock justifications, among other types.

How To Incorporate This Into Your Clients’ Marketing

Now that you know what they are, it’s important to incorporate “local justifications’ into your clients’ marketing in the following ways:

  • Make sure your clients’ NAP is complete and accurate – especially GMB
  • Make sure your clients’ business information and details are accurate
  • Ensure reviews and Google posts are refreshed continuously and incorporate the right keywords
  • “Local justifications” are time-sensitive, so make sure the timing is right


With “local Justifications,” your digital marketing agency can nudge Google to better match the intent of your clients’ customers’ searchers through the diverse types of content emanating from your agency’s digital marketing efforts. After all, as a digital marketing agency, you need to aim to make your clients’ businesses stand out from the rest and continue to have only the best visibility in local finders, local packs and Maps. And when you want to do all this for your clients, you need to get in touch with us at Digital Resellers Canada. Contact us today!