It’s finally here! Our conversion rate optimisation (CRO) product is guaranteed to get your digital marketing clients an increase in sales conversions and in return better ROI. To ensure you provide great value to your clients’ campaigns we have put our CRO processes through its paces to make certain that they produce results.

Why the need for CRO?

With so much focus placed on search engine optimisation, clients can be forgiven for thinking that this is the be all and end all of digital marketing. But this is just the beginning. While SEO is great for driving numbers to a business website often these numbers do not result in actual sales. Conversion rate optimisation involves targeted techniques whose sole aim is to convert traffic to leads. These techniques are continuously monitored to ensure they produce results.

Some of the techniques our CRO specialists may recommend include:

  • Complete website redesign
  • Site speed optimisation strategies
  • Content optimisation
  • Website development

If you need to increase the number of signups for your clients or boost the number of enquiries they receive then you need Digital Resellers Canada’s CRO services. Take advantage of our free 6 month management and recommendation process on your first product purchase.

We will analyse clients’ websites to determine which areas are not contributing positively to conversions and make recommendations on the best ways to address challenges. The 6 month offer only covers management and monitoring, not the implementation of recommended corrective techniques. Recommended techniques are quoted separately.

Stage 1 – Over the course of three months we conduct comprehensive analysis of how a website deals with online visitors using advanced tracking tools. Our specialists will produce a list of changes that need to be made.

Stage 2 – Once you approve changes they are implemented and monitored through months 4 to 6. We keep you updated on the performance of changes and you receive a final report at the end of 6 months. CRO is most effective when continuous improvements are made which is why our service is offered on a rolling 6 month basis.

Create real business impact for your clients’ digital marketing efforts. Speak to us about our proven CRO processes and find out how you can offer a higher level of quality online marketing services. At Digital Resellers Canada we remain committed to setting the bar higher in wholesale digital marketing services.