Without using an analytics tool such as Google Analytics, it’s like shooting digital marketing in the dark, hoping for hit. Your clients’ campaigns will not benefit at all from going forth to conquer the market without a proper strategy in place that reports to them and you regularly on the failures or successes of your efforts.

The only strategy you can count on is statistics, data and real-time information. From there you can have clearer understanding of who the target market is specifically, when they’re mostly online and how they behave when they’re online.

Here are our ultimate tips to using analytics effectively to help boost your strategy in order to improve your client’s end goal:

  • Check before you begin

Before you even begin with your campaign or your strategy, you need to put your client’s website through a series of analytical tests to determine where they stand at the moment. This will help you have a much clearer picture of where you need to take your client in order to reach the prospects they want.

  • Check mid-way

After about two to three months, you will need to perform another check to see if there have been any improvements, bounce rate decreases or increases. This will help your efforts in understanding what is working and what is simply not working. From there you can focus on what your next strategy should be.

  • Check for crystal focus

Once you have checked and place the right strategy in place, you can align this new understanding provided by the analytics’ reports to develop the ultimate strategy in order to bring in the quality leads your client needs through better targeting by focusing on the right platform for your marketing. This will save you time and a lot of money.

By using analytics and the power it has to help your agency move a campaign in the right direction, you can be sure of where it will ultimately lead. There will be fewer guessing games and more accurate shots at achieving the results your clients have hired you to obtain.

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