PPC Experts At Our Agency Reveal Success Stories To Inspire

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is a successful means to market for clients. It always has been. Our PPC experts at White Label Copywriting Canada have browsed the online scene and found the best PPC success stories to reveal to agency owners.

PPC Success Story: Smartsheet.com

According to Fast Spring, SmartSheet.com has a success story of its own. Brent Frei, the co-founder of Smartsheet.com, uses “tightly run, highly measured pay-per-click programs” to drive trial users to their SaaS platform. For Frei, the key to PPC success lies in testing many combinations of words and phrases. They constantly change and track ad text. “We’ve found rearranging copy in a headline or changing the description line from prose to a custom quote can increase click-through rates by 8 percent or more,” Frei said.

He emphasized that this testing isn’t just done for English-speaking audiences because the company’s online collaboration tool is used in 165 countries. Smartsheet has expanded its PPC ad testing to include variations in eight languages. In terms of ad targeting, Frei isn’t a fan of broad matching. Smartsheet uses geography, time, and language – plus some known buyer characteristics – to focus only on certain potentially profitable customers.

“We use Google AdWords and Bing Ads, along with some sophisticated tools like GA Content Experiments and Optimizely, combined with our own analysis, to measure which market segments are the most valuable,” Frei said. “We double down on those and turn off those that are underperforming.” This has helped Smartsheet see rapid growth – but not in its ad budget. “There is no direct correlation between budget and results,” Frei explained. “If you get a big infusion of cash and you can triple your PPC budget, it won’t necessarily triple the volume of the same quality of leads.”

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PPC Success Story: Hutch

Fast Spring reveals Hutch’s success story. “Interior design app developer Hutch ran a test using optimized Facebook ads to try to boost app installs. During the testing period from May to April 2017, Hutch saw a tenfold increase in app installs that led to an 81 percent conversion rate. A major contributor to the campaign’s success was precision targeting. Hutch used the Facebook targeting tool to reach women in the U.S., aged 45 or younger, who were following interior design companies.

They also used the Facebook lookalike tool, which expands an ad’s reach by targeting people who look like your target audience but don’t match your criteria exactly. Hutch was able to reach U.S. women under age 45 who might not follow interior design companies but follow lots of other interior design-related businesses or bloggers. Hutch’s CEO and co-founder, Beatrice Fischel-Bock, saw the test’s immediate results and made Facebook PPC ads an ongoing part of the company’s ad plan. “Facebook will continue to play a pivotal role in efficiently acquiring Hutch app users,” she said.”

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