At Digital Resellers Canada, we are a PPC white label reseller that works with digital agencies that need to outsource SEO for their clients, which means we need to be aware of any changes or shifts in technology rules and guidelines. Many of the trends and regulations that are seen in the digital, social media and advertising space are heavily affected by public opinion and how certain demographics view certain issues. In technology, the opinions held by a specific group of adults can heavily impact the types of regulations put in place that could impact aspects of digital marketing, including Pay Per Click advertising. 

According to a study conducted by the Pew Research Center, fewer Americans are in favour of government regulations for technology in 2022 than in 2021. The study surveyed 5074 American adults between 25 April and 1 May 2022. The results reported that 44% of adults wanted more government regulation for technology, compared to the 56% of adults that held the same opinion in April 2021. At the same time, the number of Americans who are in favour of the government having less opportunity to regulate technology increased from 9% in April 2021 to 20% in 2022. The consensus is clear: the desire for the government to have any kind of control over regulating the tech world is on the decline.

The reasons for this decline could be due to the activity we have seen in the last few years that has caused the public to have less trust in regulated social media platforms. For instance, individuals being banned on social media platforms due to hateful or hurtful speech, giants in the tech world buying media outlets and social media platforms and the general battle against the sharing of misinformation and lack of fact-checking online. According to the Pew Research Center, 77% of Americans hold the opinion that it is somewhat likely or very likely that social media platforms “intentionally censor political viewpoints they object to.”

Though these numbers come out of America, it’s reasonable to assume more regions share these opinions. With fewer and fewer people in favour of regulation by the government, it’s likely that we will see social media platforms and advertising spaces keeping control (or even gaining control) over what they do and don’t offer to users and advertisers. Already some platforms have started to shift in the face of regulation changes. Google, for example, has implemented policies affecting the user experience and user privacy that has a significant impact on PPC advertising, including:

  • Removing third-party cookies
  • Ad targeting options being limited in platforms
  • Google Ads search terms being made private


For digital agencies, it’s important to be prepared to change strategies and adjust course where necessary in order to keep offering the best PPC and SEO services possible to clients. Where features are removed, it’s important to communicate to clients that their campaigns are likely going to need to change somewhat. Approaching marketing as a whole, considering all of the different factors and regulations and using them to your clients’ advantage will greatly increase the chances of success in your marketing efforts, PPC included. 

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