Twitter has recently introduced a new feature to its Canadian audience – the Moments filter. This filter curates key stories or sentiments across a person’s feed allowing user to stay on top of events without getting overwhelmed. The feature already exists for American, Brazilian, Australian and U.K Twitter users.

When it comes to social media campaign management however, Twitter Moments runs the risk of becoming just another element of social media that’s going to be added to the growing list of items that your client just doesn’t have the time to participate in. Wouldn’t that be a pity?

By enlisting the help of a digital marketing wholesale company like Digital Resellers Canada however, you have the opportunity to declutter your client’s social media to-do list and provide them with a proficient and effective social media strategy without taking any time out of your already crammed day.

As Social Media Resellers, We even have Lead Generation campaigns through Twitter and LinkedIn that will get your clients leads to follow and you hardly have to lift a finger!

At SEO Resellers Canada, we take care of all your clients’ social media campaigns, from post pictures to captions and copy – all properly written to meetGoogle’s stringent SEO requirements. All you need to do is briefly glance over the campaign and sign it off, we’ll do the rest.

And because we are a social media content wholesaler, the content is yours to sell to your client with your branding, not ours.

In this way Digital Resellers Canada is a company that canassistyou in assisting your clients. Because they’re not worried about the time consuming stuff that social media requires, they’ll have the time to spend on strategizing ways to make use of features like Twitter Moments. But only with our help. Get in touch today, you’ll be amazed how much we can help you.

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