Marketing for Agencies Made Simple – Part 2: Social Media Marketing

Canadian businesses already enjoy social media marketing – but are you able to offer it to them as a fully fledged service? Contact us for our social media reseller program.

A recent survey by a Canadian research group reveals that the vast majority of businesses believe that social media marketing contributes to marketing success, in fact we rate it as equally valuable as content marketing and management as well as SEO. But when asked if they actively are able to monitor their social media management activities, this number dropped to just over half. It seems that like with many things, it’s easy to start it – but to manage it takes time and effort and manpower that at times just isn’t there.

If these small businesses are going to get help with their social media marketing, it’s not going to come from the inside. Payroll, Human Resource Management Software and Human Capital Management Service Providers ADP show that most Canadian businesses aren’t planning on adding any new staff members anytime soon, as businesses continue to exercise caution in the face of financial and economic insecurity.

This provides an excellent opportunity for you to step in and add value to businesses that they already serve with other marketing activities such as website design and redevelopment. As research shows that most local businesses don’t need to be convinced of the value of social media marketing  it means that half the struggle is already over!

If you are wondering how your specialised agency can offer social media marketing to your clients without having the necessary skill or manpower, we want to introduce you to the idea of entering into a relationship with a wholesale, white label digital marketing reseller such as Digital Resellers Canada.

We help Canadian agencies like yours by basically offering wholesale digital marketing and social media marketing from strategy to implementation for your clients. This covers everything from running the day to day accounts (including creating, scheduling and posting client branded imagery and wording) and running specific objective campaigns (from planning and implementation to monitoring and measurement). Many clients already trust us for our wholesale SEO services and web development, so to take the step to trust us with your client’s social media marketing is a logical leap providing more services to your clients and more profits on your bottom line.

If your agency is interested in an SEO Reseller relationship to improve its range of services, reach out and contact us for more information.

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