Managing The Power Imbalance Between Your Agency and Your Clients

Establishing a balanced and mutually beneficial relationship with your clients can be challenging. Let’s face it: it can be easy for difficult clients to make your life hard, especially when they approach you with a ‘the customer is always right’ attitude. Whether you believe in this ethos or not, let’s dive into a few tips that will help your agency secure clients who are a dream to work with.

One way you can unlock more respect from your clients is by delivering quality work at all times. Our white label copywriting team, design team, webdev team, and more can help! And now, let’s look at how you can better manage the power imbalance between you and your clients.

Know Who Your Dream Client Is

The first step is choosing the right customers. To effectively manage the power dynamic with your clients, it’s essential to start by identifying your ideal clients. Understanding your dream client allows you to negotiate from a position of strength and better cater to the needs you know you can solve. 

Think about the industries, business sizes, and demographics that align with your agency’s expertise. By focusing on clients who genuinely benefit from your services, you’ll naturally end up working with customers who don’t infringe on your preferred workflow, timeline, or service roster.


Learn From The Experts

Craig Rodney, agency coach extraordinaire, and Globital CRO Steven Slotow discuss exactly how your agency can solve the power imbalance that exists between you and your clients. Pick up some more practical tips from them by watching this video.


Understand Your Strengths

Every digital marketing agency has its own unique strengths and specialties. Recognize what sets your agency apart from the competition. Whether it’s your expertise in SEO, content marketing, or social media management, highlighting your strengths can help you push an unpopular strategy with your client that you know will work. Demonstrating your agency’s proficiency can instill trust in your clients and make them more receptive to your recommendations.

Know Your Weaknesses

In addition to your strengths, acknowledging your agency’s weaknesses is equally important. Being upfront about areas where you may not be the best fit can earn respect and trust from your clients. 

Instead of trying to be a one-stop shop, consider collaborating with other specialists when needed. This transparency showcases your commitment to providing the best possible solutions, even if it means seeking external expertise. 

Determine What Your Walk-Away Criteria Is

To maintain a balanced power dynamic, it’s crucial to establish clear boundaries. Define your walk-away criteria – the point at which a client request or expectation becomes unreasonable or unattainable. Having these boundaries in place can help you stand firm when necessary and protect your agency’s reputation. 

As a digital marketing reseller, we understand exactly what you go through as an agency owner day-to-day, and we’re here to help make that experience easier! With expert white label resources at your fingertips, you can do more in less time. Take a closer look at how we can assist you.



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