Managing PPC Client’s Expectations

Client satisfaction is essential for any business, especially digital marketing agencies. When it comes to PPC clients, it’s crucial to manage their expectations to avoid disappointment or even losing clients. Managing PPC clients’ expectations (and meeting those expectations) will help ensure your PPC clients are happy with the service they receive and keep them coming back to your digital agency.

Why Is It Important To Manage Client Expectations?

Managing client expectations plays a key role in customer satisfaction. If a client is expecting the impossible because they haven’t been told what is realistically achievable, there is no other likely outcome than a disappointed or even angry client at the end of the day.  Managing and meeting PPC client expectations can benefit digital agencies in many ways, including:

  • Developing and maintaining strong client relationships
  • Establishing a good flow of communication 
  • Clearly establishing goals that both parties fully understand and agree to
  • Developing trust with clients 
  • Set the groundwork for developing a reputation as a trustworthy agency that sticks to its word and makes good on their promises

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How To Manage Client Expectations 

In the simplest terms, all it takes to keep PPC clients satisfied is to set out clear expectations for them right from the beginning and then meet those expectations. Setting those expectations is easy enough for digital agencies to accomplish if they follow a few key principles:

  1. Research and Planning
    It is near impossible for a digital agency to set realistic expectations with their PPC clients if they don’t start out knowing what is realistic and achievable in relation to their clients’ PPC goals. Digital agencies must research the potential of the clients’ accounts as well as their competitors to gain a complete understanding of what their PPC requirements truly are so that any promises made to clients are achievable. 
  2. Never Promise Exact Numbers
    Making a guarantee of exact lead numbers can set digital agencies up to fail. As much research as the agency carries out, it’s impossible to predict and promise exact numbers when it comes to leads. Instead, offer clients value in the form of measuring progress and using lead numbers to back that up.
  3. Budget
    Each PPC client is going to come in with a different budget. Digital agencies must make it clear to their clients that, when it comes to PPC being effective, the size of their investment will directly influence the results. Essentially, the higher the budget they have, the more likely they are going to achieve their lead goals. 
  4. Be Realistic About Time
    Digital agencies must be sure that their PPC clients truly understand that even the best PPC campaigns take time to yield results. PPC is not an overnight solution. Conversions and leads are going to take time to come to fruition. Clients should expect growth over time rather than immediate success.
  5. Communication Is Everything
    Communication with clients is essential for any part of business. This includes managing their PPC expectations. With open communication, agencies will get a clear picture of their client’s goals and expectations, using that information to create a realistic strategy for each client. When open communication goes both ways, it’s easy for digital agencies to set expectations, meet them and build lasting relationships with their clients. 

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