Canadian digital agencies from Vancouver to Ottawa have no doubt begun the New Year with a host of goals for their digital businesses. Digital agencies in Canada face great challenges in the world of online marketing, which is why they’re starting early with their goals for the year.

However, many businesses in Canada struggle to formulate their goals appropriately and optimally – moreover, they struggle to execute these goals into real-world action.

Digital marketing experts suggest that the only way you can produce a profitable result is through preparing a proper process.

Here are three ways you can enhance your goal-setting for the New Year, successfully:

  • Visualise

Experts suggest that Canadian digital agencies create a vision board by visualising the results of what you want to see your business accomplish. Once you have this vision, your thoughts will develop to create goals, which match up to the outcome you expect.

Sit down and complete a proper vision board – brainstorm, forecast, analyse, imagine! This is the time to be creative, so think aloud and allow yourself to dream a little…

  • Unpack

Once you have your vision board, you will then need to look at it realistically. By “realistic” it doesn’t mean you must study your vision board and goals negatively; rather, it suggests you revisit the past by analysing your Google Analytics data and then setting your goals much in accordance with the outcomes you have already seen.

Your action plan should be split into two groups; namely: a weekly chart that contains your daily/weekly goals, and a project-based, due-by-date goal plan in which you can achieve your project goal in a step-by-step fashion.

  • Measure

Your goals aren’t made out of thin air. Goals for your digital business have important influencing suggestions and plans that will produce actions throughout your agency and will produce weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly results. You can measure them all, easily.

Through tools such as Google Analytics, you can actually measure your goals properly and see what their results have done for your business. This will enable you to make better business decisions and allow you the time to generate better leads through clearer planning.

With these specific directions, your digital business can gain more standing in the Canadian market through successful and strategic marketing.

Remember, it’s important too to take the time out from the daily toil to sit down and plan more, measure and review the work you have put into your agency’s goal planning for the year. The space this will create for you and for your agency is a space in which you can put a stop to reacting and start becoming proactive instead – thanks to the data and your careful planning and actions.

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