If you are an agency that assists small to medium Canadian businesses, you will know that when it comes to digital lead generation, the leads you generate are only as good as the sale that’s made at the end of it. Your lead generation strategies could be the best in the Calgary or Toronto, but if you aren’t optimising them with the right approach then it won’t mean a thing.

Most businesses also still rely on internal salespeople to help deal with lead management, as customers still prefer dealing with a real person when making or closing a sale. New research that has just been released now shows us that you can actually boost the effectiveness of your own or client internal sales efforts – using LinkedIn.

According to Justin Shriber, who is the head of marketing for LinkedIn Sales Solutions, “we’ve become conditioned to expect technology that already knows something about us without having to bother us by asking us for basic information.” Judging from the findings of LinkedIn’s latest research report (State of Sales in 2016) he could not be more correct.

The report looked at top sales professionals in various fields and asked them questions on how they manage to exceed their targets and stay on top. Almost 90% of respondents were more likely to say that social selling lead generation tools such as LinkedIn are “extremely critical” to their ability to close deals.

With LinkedIn able to provide detailed demographic information at the push of a button, sales people are now using this wealth of information to identify and connect with the leads most likely to result in a sale – no more cold calling necessary. The kind of information one shares, groups one joins and comments one makes on LinkedIn all work together to create a reliable sales profile that can be used to identify viable lead generation ideas.

Using this kind of information to create a working lead generation strategy requires a thorough understanding of how social media platforms like LinkedIn work, in order to make it work to the advantage of salespeople. Partnering with the right pro can help agencies and clients alike to work LinkedIn to their best advantage and watch quality leads roll in.

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