Latest Squarespace Updates

An incredible array of features is now available on Squarespace, waiting for marketers to leverage them to create a seamless experience for brands. Many agencies opt to outsource website design to assist with managing these innovations, implementing them seamlessly, and allowing them to focus on core client projects. 

Keep reading to discover three of these key trends to keep in mind. 

Fluid Engine 

The fluid engine update allows users to drag and drop branding elements seamlessly to create a jaw-dropping website worthy of producing thousands of conversions. The content editor introduces a new look to the design options for block placement, overlap and resizing, opening up a pool of further opportunities for building layouts perfectly suitable to client needs. It offers greater flexibility, allowing users to treat their block like a canvas. Move text around, overlap elements, whatever your heart desires!

Mobile-first Design 

Mobile-first design is imperative, and the website building and brand management spaces are no different. Now, Squarespace allows users a more user-friendly browsing experience by putting mobile access front and centre. It encourages UX designers to make the most of a smaller canvas, forcing them to prioritize the most important features. Squarespace has a built-in responsive design that automatically rescales content to adapt to different screen sizes. 

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Squarespace places cookies on visitors’ browsers to assist sites with running more effectively. It ensures the best possible experience for potential customers visiting the site, giving users crucial insight into traffic data. Laws require site owners to inform visitors of the cookies, requiring them to consent to various cookie types, like non-essential cookies. 

Squarespace is a powerful website builder, offering marketers a wide range of valuable features to encourage growth and provide a satisfying user experience. Your agency could outsource a digital marketing reseller to assist you in managing the pressures of the client project workload.

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