Instagram has already reached the 600+ million user mark, and is becoming the number one social media platform that all marketers should be focusing more attention to. Instagram promises your clients’ brands huge potential for growth and it can help immensely along the sales route.

But before we delve into the amazingness of the Instagram Marketing method, you should consider performing an audit of your client’s Instagram status. Digital Resellers Canada is ready with expertise in this field to help perform the audit, offer you the statistics and reporting so that you have a better standing and outlook before starting your client’s campaign on Instagram.

Instagram is amazing for digital marketing because:

  • Competitor’s Edge

    Owing to the costs in maintaining proper, engaging Instagram accounts, you’ll find that mostly larger companies are using this social medium, whereas smaller companies are neglecting this necessary social media weapon simply because they don’t have the time or the resources.

    When you do manage to persuade your clients to use Instagram marketing, they will gain the competitor’s edge over other smaller companies that are generally staying on Facebook or Twitter. — But what they don’t know is that Instagram has already claimed 600 million users and, in Canada alone, almost 10 million users.

  • Perfect for Engagement

    Instagram has the most active and engaged users around because, as psychologists have suggested, imagery is much better at attracting users’ attention and interaction than simply copy on its own.

    Instagram marketing therefore has the potential to drive more engaged traffic to your client’s website than other social media channels can. It is a great platform to build relationships and advance your client’s brand and the awareness of it.

  • On-The-Mark Targeting

    Instagram is owned by Facebook. This offers you the unique opportunity to offer your clients access and very specific information of the Instagram users they are targeting. This kind of information can undeniably help build your client’s audience with more precision and purpose, in turn helping your client’s brand to receive a more targeted response, which adds to engagement and, of course, an increase in ROI.

    By understanding the target of your campaign for your client, you can better understand the angle, approach, method, style, word choice, engagement approach and imagery to use that would be the most likely to attract that audience specifically.The more targeted and well-aimed you strike, the better chance you will have of landing a sale.

For more information about this amazing digital marketing method, or if you want advice on how to start, visit Digital Marketing Resellers today.

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