Studies have shown that internet traffic will become a vital role in helping marketers champion their advertising efforts. By 2019, more than 80% of all internet traffic will be video streaming—and it’s a trend not expected to slow down.

So what can you do to assist your clients with their brand awareness and sales, possibly build the awareness of video streaming marketing and get them on the band wagon before the trend gets our of hand?

Consider the numbers

Since an astounding five billion videos are watched every day on YouTube, it makes every bit of sense for you to advise your clients to incorporate video as part of their social marketing tactics.

What’s more, six out of 10 people prefer online video platforms to TV—and according to the same source, the total number of hours of video watched each month has grown to an incredible 3.2 billion.

Consider content value

A video is more engaging for the majority of online users. By incorporating this medium, your clients will have a wider spectrum of potential customers, especially as 87% of the Australian population are using the internet daily for shopping and browsing.

The value of a video, the sound, imagery and words, is taking your client’s brand to the next level of advertising.

Consider consumer behaviour

The Guardian stated that 69% internet traffic is consumer-based, which was stated in a report compiled by Cisco.

If the behaviour of consumers is changing, it is only reasonable that your clients’ advertising campaigns and efforts change accordingly.

Finally, experts in the marketing field, experts like Devumi, have confirmed that YouTube “…will have exceptional value for marketers looking to grow their audience…”

With all this information, statistics and social relevance, marketers should take the plunge and invest in video creation for YouTube. However, we do strongly advise that when you create a video you insist on hiring experts in the field because, while YouTube has been proven to expand and improve a brand’s awareness and relevance, a bad video has the potential to hurt the image of your client’s company.

Moreover, while the statistics are in and the evidence rather overwhelming, it still depends on the nature of your client’s business. Not all brands are made for video media. Bearing this in mind, you now have the information you need to help make a better decision for the enhancement of your client’s brand.

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