How To Train AI To Generate Better Content

Whether it’s crafting compelling copy or formulating comprehensive marketing blueprints, training AI to generate better content can be a game-changer. Our white label SEO copywriting team has turned themselves into AI experts so that you can benefit from human and AI-assisted copy. 

For digital marketing agency owners seeking to harness the potential of AI in their agency, here’s a comprehensive guide on how to do just that! 

Initial Training and Input

The journey begins with selecting the right AI platform and providing initial training data. Share a diverse range of existing, high-quality content so the AI understands the context, tone, and style you’re aiming for.

Consistent Feedback

AI thrives on feedback. Continuously evaluate the output and provide corrections when needed. Over time, the AI will learn from these corrections and produce more accurate results.

Or...Leave It To The Pros!

As expert AI wranglers, we can craft AI-driven copy that will mix the speed of AI with the magic of human-driven editing and tweaking.


Create Style Guides

Develop comprehensive style guides that outline your brand’s voice, tone, and preferences. This provides a clear framework for the AI to follow, ensuring consistency across all generated content.

Use Sample Texts

Supply the AI with sample texts that exemplify the type of content you’re aiming for. This helps the AI grasp nuances and intricacies specific to your industry and audience.

Train on Specific Content

For specialized niches, consider training the AI on specific topics or on exactly how you want mailers, blogs or web copy to be formatted, for example. This fine-tuning enhances the AI’s ability to generate content that’s tailored to your clients’ industries.

Regular Refinement

AI content generation isn’t a “set it and forget it” process. Regularly review and refine the training data and feedback loop to keep the AI aligned with evolving industry trends and audience preferences.

Combine AI with Human Editing

While AI can produce impressive content, human editing adds the final layer of finesse. Skilled human editors can polish the AI-generated content, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your clients’ needs and brand image.

Continued Usage and Interaction

The more you interact with the AI, the better it gets. Continuously using AI for content creation and refining its output helps it adapt and generate even more accurate and relevant content over time.

Tweaking AI-driven content and language models to produce usable content ‒ let alone quality content ‒ can be difficult. If you’re after affordable, speedy AI-driven copywriting, consider outsourcing your copywriting projects to our white label team. You can make use of our AI copywriting service and get the best of both the AI copywriting and human copywriting worlds. Our white label SEO copywriting services allow you to outsource your copywriting service to us!

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