In an industry of digital credible hotshots and admired thought leaders, we at Globital know when to copy content and pay credit and when to recommend and retell for the benefit of boosting your benefits and positioning ourselves as more resource than advice. The reason behind this is so that you can make use of our ppc white label reseller services, tools and resources when our reposted advice from another leader brings in more business for you and your online marketing agency, and you find yourself need extra qualified, timely hands to cater for this influx of business.

*Originally posted on, this blog titled ‘Google Ads Hacks That’ll Double Your Conversion Rate’ will help you build better PPC ads for your clients. Yes, he targets direct clients but we can use this as agency owners and experts to use for our clients. Some of the content has been removed, however, our agency is ready to chat about more ways to improve PPC adverts for your clients and how our PPC services and resources can assist you when more clients come to your agency door.

The blog reads, “#2: Use Remarketing as a CRO Tool: According to AdReady, retargeting is the most effective ad display strategy of all. Properly using a tracking code will help you go back to potential customers. Remarketing is an effective way to improve your CRO and helps you persuade indecisive visitors to go back to your site. This is part of the goal completion and only achieved with a good conversion tracker tool. According to Larry Kim of WordStream, conversion is usually high when you’re consistent with retargeting. They advise you to be aggressive since the people you’re targeting have already shown interest in your ad or have at least visited your site before. Most conversion tracker tools use conversion code embedded in the click to track how visitors got to the site. You may also include a conversion id such as a discount code to understand what ads led to a conversion action….

#4: Align Ad Copy With Landing Pages: This is a no-brainer. If you want your Google ad copy to generate the most clicks possible, you have to align it with your landing page… Your job is to create a clear path to the sale. The copy on your landing page should mirror the copy in your ads… Look beyond keywords, though, because in today’s search marketing, user optimization is the focus. You’ve got to give it adequate attention because quality score measures user experience on the landing page. This affects the search funnel…

#7: Integrate Negative Keywords: Each time that you’re running a Google ad for the search network, you’ve got to recognize that most search queries will not be relevant to your offer. Negative keywords, which exclude certain search terms from triggering the display of your ad, are a smart way to boost your Google Ads conversion rate and help overcome this challenge…

#8: Use a Customer-Focused Approach: In Google Display Network, you can easily add audiences to your ad groups. You shouldn’t target everyone. In content marketing, the #1 rule is to know your ideal customers and create content around their desires, needs, and challenges. If you’re going to be running ads on the Google Display Networks, understand that you need 3 elements to ensure your success. Your ads need to have the right message and reach the right person in the search funnel at the right time. Ideally, this leads to a conversion action.”

With Great Ads Come More Clients And The Need To Call Us!

With this great advice, we’re sure that your digital agency will see great results for your clients. Happy clients mean referrals. And with more clients arriving at your online marketing agency doorsteps, the need to have the staff and resources to cater for this increase in PPC Ads and projects allows us to step in and help. We’re experts at PPC and have the resources, tools and experts to help you deliver great PPC Ads on time and at affordable rates. Speak to one of our PPC Ads experts now on

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