Damian Papworth, CEO of Globital, spent a week in Dubai in October 2017 to lead and facilitate a week of training and workshops with the Pakistan team managers.

This was a perfect opportunity for Damian to once-again spend some personal quality time and interaction with this key team of staff. The worthwhile week was spent imparting skills and knowledge to the staff improving their abilities to listen, create and provide services to the agencies that the Globital brands around the world support.

“It was probably more of a learning experience for me than for them,” Damian said, adding, “But, yes, indeed, it was an experience that is not to be the last. It’s this exact reason that I return every year to visit and train the team. Ongoing training is our company’s way of ensuring our wholesale, white label services are maintained at the same world class standards that I have always held so high – and by the looks of things in Dubai and Pakistan at the moment, I’m quite chuffed.”

Part of this visit was not only to provide one-on-one training under the directorship of the CEO, but also to engage properly with his staff to uncover what difficulties and challenges they were facing with regard to their processes and client communication systems and to develop solutions and processes to improve them.  

“This experience was truly an honour,” Affan Manzoor, Social Media Manager, expressed. “Having Damian train us again was an enlightening experience and a largely beneficial one in which junior and senior staff members benefited greatly from his insights, his experience and superb knowledge of the marketing industry. I look forward to his next visit next year.”

It is internal education training such as this that assure Globital clients (digital agencies throughout Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and other parts of the world) that the man at the helm is constantly filtering down his two decades of digital marketing experience to the team members who are working day-in, day-out on their client’s SEO, AdWords, Web Design, Social Media and Lead Generation campaigns.

“Ultimately, this visit was to look for ways to improve our overall support to our clients and to encourage our offshore staff members by including them in the bottom-line service we give to our clients,” Damian concluded.

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