In November 2017, Damian Papworth, CEO of Globital, and Steven Slotow, the company’s director of operations for South Africa, presented a Masterclass on helping the countries digital agencies to improve their sales and marketing efforts and find more success in 2018.

The Masterclass was presented in each of the country’s major cities, and was aimed at helping the agencies the company supports find effective and sustainable ways to ensure that they enjoy a never-ending flow of new leads and better business in the future.

Damian was excited about the Masterclass’ success, “Our business is focused on helping and supporting our clients. When they grow, our company can do the same, and opportunities like this Masterclass give our agencies a clear way forward to that success.”

When asked about choosing South Africa as the first country to host his Masterclass, Damian had the following to say, “South Africa is a country of diversity, and we can see that diversity clearly in its digital marketing industry. While this is great, many small to medium agencies, like the agencies we support, often struggle, as they are sometimes too specialized and focused on their trade, never able to master the most important business skill of all: generating leads and closing sales. A big part of the Masterclass was showing them what they can do to offer their services to a wider range of clients. That means that the Masterclass had to stand up to these challenges, and I’m really happy with the results.”

Steven Slotow, affirmed Damian’s sentiments, “Our processes and best practices are set up in such a way as to provide a wide range of digital marketing services to our agencies. By helping them find a way to offer our services in the same way, we can help them grow, which in turn is great for our business. I think it comes down to the fact that we believe strongly in creating a mutually beneficial relationship with our clients, which offers constant benefits, which I think this Masterclass succeeded at spectacularly.”

The Masterclass was attended by some of the agency owners and managers that the business supports, as well as a couple of interested parties that were excited to find out more about Globital’s service offering.

While digital marketing played a large part in the class, it also focused on sales best practices, which was a firm favourite for the crowd, according to Steven. “So many attendants came up to us, full of excitement about how they couldn’t wait to implement Damian’s sales best practices into their own daily activities.”

For more information about the Masterclass or to get in contact with Globital, visit Globital Media.

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