Give Your Clients Peace Of Mind By Proving That Traffic Will Come

It can be challenging for digital agencies to keep their clients optimistic and motivated during that waiting period between the start of an SEO strategy and the first glimpse of positive results. The ability to prove to your clients that their traffic is absolutely going to increase is essential to both their success and your own. 

SEO traffic and rankings can take some time to materialize ‒ a fact not all clients are aware of. It is vital that your digital agency puts in the effort to help them stay positive and trust in your expertise. Top Globital Project Manager, Waseem Ansari, took to our YouTube channel, Globital TV, with a helpful video sharing tips to reassure your clients that their SEO traffic is on the way. 

Demonstrate Improvement Through Reporting

Ranking reports and keyword metrics provide the black-and-white proof you need to show your clients their position and the progress they have already made. While these reports don’t show traffic, they help give clients perspective and the understanding that keywords are being activated and traffic is sure to follow! 

Be Transparent In Sharing Logs Of Completed Work

Clients may assume that you are not actively working on their SEO when they don’t see immediate results in the form of traffic. Being transparent with them and sharing detailed logs of all of the efforts your team has put toward their SEO will go a long way in showing them where your time has gone. With transparency, they will feel more confident in your team’s work. 

Communicate And Update Often

Keeping in touch with your client is essential. Silence may make them feel like you are avoiding them and lead them to question your process and the results they have achieved. Proactively reaching out to clients with reports and summaries that clearly show their progress can reassure them and put their minds at ease, allowing them to trust your team’s efforts. 

Show The Value Of Invisible Work With Visible Metrics

Show how much work is being put in behind the scenes to help reassure your clients by turning those behind-the-scenes efforts into tangible metrics. Share progress with metrics such as page views, conversion rates, bounce rates and even shares to show the value of your team’s work. 

Provide Proof For Reports In The Form Of Industry Leaders

Educating your clients by backing up your reports with articles and opinions from SEO experts will help them better understand SEO and therefore feel more optimistic about the process. Once they agree that traffic takes time, with the reassurance of an industry leader, they will feel more optimistic about the progress made and wait patiently for the traffic they eagerly anticipate to appear. 

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