Digital Audio Advertising: Leveraging Spotify And Other Platforms For Your Digital Agency’s Clients

Today, there is no shortage of advertising strategies and platforms available to digital marketers, with more added each day. Digital audio advertising is steadily gaining a reputation as an effective method for reaching target audiences in a fresh, interesting way. If your digital agency is looking for the next step in marketing for your clients, consider digital audio advertising from Digital Resellers Canada.  

What Is Digital Audio Advertising? 

Most of us are no stranger to the radio and have had some kind of exposure to a radio advertisement. Digital audio advertising refers to marketing on any audio received over an internet connection. Digital audio includes: 

  • Podcasts, songs, albums and other downloaded audio
  • Spotify Greenroom, radio broadcasts and other live streaming audio 
  • Music, talk shows, podcasts, radio, audio clips and other on-demand audio

Different audio platforms offer various advertising opportunities. These can range from ads inserted into digital content like podcasts to ads that pop up between tracks. Each digital audio platform has its own monetization opportunities and reach. 

Is Digital Audio Advertising Effective?

With digital audio advertising, brands have the opportunity to reach an entirely new audience with their advertising efforts. Many people favour audio content over visual content, looking to take a break from their screens. Many prefer music over video or podcasts over television and exclusively turn to digital audio as their main entertainment. Some even have digital audio as a constant stream of background noise as they work or go about their days, making digital audio advertising ideal for many audiences. 

In many ways, audio ads are more effective than other advertising mediums. Digital audio giant, Spotify, shared that audio ads can drive as much as 24% higher recall than display ads.

The Best Platforms For Digital Audio Advertising

The popularity of audio is reflected in the wide variety of platforms available for both consuming and advertising. Some of the best platforms for digital audio advertising include:

  • Spotify
  • YouTube Music
  • Pandora
  • Google Play Music
  • Apple Music
  • Amazon Music
  • iHeart Radio 

Digital Audio Advertising Tips For Your Digital Agency’s Clients

When creating content for your clients’ digital audio advertising campaigns, your digital agency can serve digital audio ads that boost brand awareness and consideration and help your clients build stronger relationships with their customers. Some tips to keep in mind for effective digital audio advertising include: 

  • Aim for consistency in tone and tempo
  • Understand the target audience and adjust the context or mood to suit them 
  • Use sound thoughtfully to create memorable stories
  • Keep clips shorter for higher recall
  • Include an effective call to action
  • Test different ads in various formats to see what resonates best with audiences
  • Prevent ad fatigue by making use of ad capping

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