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When it comes time to make the decision to outsource your digital marketing to a partner who promises to meet, keep and surpass your standards, it’s not an easy one to make. After all, you’ve spent years building your own business up, implementing processes that work within your framework, using softwares that you are used to, standards that your clients have come to rely on and procedures that your employees have made their own. But it’s inevitable for any successful business to someday require help from a dedicated resource.

This could be for any number of relevant reasons

  • You’ve just become too busy to do it all yourself
  • You need help but a new local resource is just too expensive or you can’t find the right person
  • Your reputation has grown and you’re attracting bigger and bigger clients

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Don’t stress, these are great problems to have. And now that you’re talking to a reliable, professional and dedicated, white label wholesale digital marketer like Digital Resellers Canada, it’s also a problem that is easily solved with one of our dedicated resources employed at unbelievably affordable rates. A dedicated digital marketing resource from Digital Resellers Canada comes with a number of business advantages that make it an easy decision to make. Extra office space and equipment is all of a sudden, not a problem.

All of our dedicated digital marketing resources are trained, experienced and accredited in the digital field that they are being hired for. This new resource essentially becomes an extension of your existing team and a valued new member of your business.


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Once you’ve made the decision to bring on a dedicated digital marketing resource to assist your team with their efforts, these are just some of the opportunities you stand to benefit from.

Your staff overheads do not budge even a little bit as you do not need to find space in your office, extra software licences or money for day-to-day costs associated with onboarding a new employee. All our dedicated resources are 100% self-sufficient.

You avoid the expense of time, money and frustration usually associated with finding, interviewing, training and settling a new employee.

In one move, your office now enjoys the benefit of an internationally-situated employee, someone who will be online while the rest of your office is asleep. This means your team’s capacity has stretched to a 24-hour reach.

The flexibility that comes with a dedicated resource cannot be overstated. Bring them on during busy times and when you need them most, and dial back their involvement once you no longer need them. This means they can join your team for a week, a month or longer if needed.

All members of our dedicated resource team are at your beck and call, as and when you need them. Thanks to the latest and most sophisticated communication and briefing tools, your new team member will be online and available whenever you need them to be.


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AdWords Manager

Website Designer

Website Developer

Social Media Manager

Local SEO Consultant

Graphic Designer

CRO Consultant

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