The Curious Case of Canada and Facebook Advertising — A Must-Read For Agencies

It’s true, Canada tops the world with its per capita usage of Facebook. According to Macleans News Canada, 19 million people log onto Facebook every month, and a staggering 14 million check their newsfeed every day.

So what does this mean for agencies? And more importantly, how can you, as an agency use this information to produce better ROI for your clients’ brands?

Here are your five tips to boost your clients’ marketing on Facebook.

  1. No more guessing

    With Facebook’s Insights, you can now be sure to direct your clients to the right, very specific, direction when targeting their audience. By using this tool, you will know:

    • Which users have already liked your client’s page
    • What reach each post has received
    • Who is talking about your client’s content
  2. Pictures are worth a thousand clicks

    Like the old adage, by using imagery, preferably relevant imagery, your clients’ business will attract more users than long copy or obvious advertising. The lesson: use images alongside your client’s message.

  3. User-Generated Content (UGC)

    According to the Internet Trends 2017, it is 6.9X more effective to use user-generated content than brand-generated content on Facebook. This means that sharing and user-interaction are key to winning a higher engagement and in turn, a higher conversion rate.

  4. A post a day keeps your client’s complaints away

    We suggest that you maintain a consistent effort when uploading posts on your client’s Facebook page. We recommend at least one a week. Here you can post interesting facts about your client’s brand or merely comment on things like, for example, the upcoming Civic Holiday or something about Labour Day in September (interestingly, it falls on a Monday!).

  5. Engage, chat, communicate

    People are people. People communicate—and that’s the whole point of Facebook Advertising; that’s why people log on: to see what’s happening, connect with other people, chat, chat, chat.

    We recommend strongly that you engage with your clients’ customers on Facebook, which will lead to them trusting the brand and may even lead to sharing. You could use this in line with a competition also in which you actively engage with your clients’ customers on Facebook—this is the best way to encourage, persuade and connect with your clients’ bottom-line.

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