Whether SEO is your agency’s niche, or you simply use our white label, wholesale services to provide it to your clients as an added service, you’ll recognise that your client’s website content and blog articles are important factors in ranking them favourably.

If you’re managing this in-house or using a freelance copywriter and aren’t happy with the results, you (or the team) could be making the following mistakes and hampering your success. Since we specialise in a full-service SEO offering, we’re just as skilled in creating SEO strategies and executing them as we are in white label copywriting services and placement of expertly written content. We can also show you where your agency might be going wrong.

Internet users notice when a website posts new content consistently and if your client’s website offers content on a topic at predictable intervals, it’s more likely to be viewed as an authority in the field. After all, if a visitor reads an interesting blog article on your client’s website but sees that it was last updated months ago, there’s no motivation for them to return to the site or trust that it’s an up to date source of information. Consistent publishing also works behind the scenes by giving Google itself more pages to index.

While some businesses blog erratically, others do it too often, thinking that sheer volume will help them to get ahead in their SEO. This is a grave mistake to make and underestimating Google on this has been many business’s downfall. Google evaluates all content created and ranks it according to quality by determining if it’s about what it promises to be about and offers expertise on a subject. If you aren’t creating quality content for your client, you’ll get similar results to the group that posts erratically.

With thousands of blog articles being published every minute, the ones you’re creating for your clients need to stand out. This doesn’t mean they have to be the longest, most well-researched articles but rather that they must be uniquely useful to the audience you’re targeting and what your client is offering them. Even duplicating website content and repurposing it into a blog article is a bad idea as it doesn’t count as original content.

As you can see, content creation requires planning and research, not to mention a certain amount of creativity. It’s why so many Canadian digital agencies just like yours outsource their content creation to us to create on their client’s behalf.

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