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5 Must-Have Web Design Trends In 2023

Web design trends evolve rapidly year after year. A solid website requires a balance between visual appeal and function. Prioritizing the latest innovations in web design is required to keep your client’s websites competitive and functional.  We offer one of

You Can Now Add Music To Static Posts On Instagram

Instagram just became more interesting ‒ which is a big statement considering that it’s the fastest-growing social media network with a quarterly growth rate of 5%. The IG team has made it possible to add music to a static image

Hybrid Brand Experiences: The Future of Marketing

Over the last few years, the world has seen a massive shift toward digital consumption and communication. Post-pandemic, some of that remains and is undeniably here to stay. However, things have shifted back somewhat toward physical interactions and experiences, hence

3 Challenges Every Digital Agency Experiences And How To Overcome Them

As a digital marketing agency owner, you’ve likely wondered if the challenges you are experiencing are unique to your business or if they are common difficulties experienced across the industry. Every digital agency, regardless of niche, price point or structure,

How To Package Your Agency’s Social Media Marketing Services

Instead of selling itemized services to clients, consider creating bundles that will serve customers comprehensively. Packaging your social media marketing services correctly will help you to automate tasks, condense activities and charge more. By doing so, you will increase your

Essential eCommerce Plugins For Your Digital Agency’s Clients

As a busy digital agency, you are likely helping several clients establish and manage successful eCommerce stores. With such a heavy client portfolio and a full plate in front of you, it is important that you familiarise yourself with Digital

Give Your Clients Peace Of Mind By Proving That Traffic Will Come

It can be challenging for digital agencies to keep their clients optimistic and motivated during that waiting period between the start of an SEO strategy and the first glimpse of positive results. The ability to prove to your clients that