Instagram has made its name as one of the most popular social media platforms, with roughly 1 billion active users. The platform has come a long way since its humble origins as a simple picture-sharing app and has become a hub of creative digital content from photography to video. Part of Instagram’s consistent appeal to users is its ability to regularly adapt and change to the wants and needs of the market, adding new features to keep up with what is in demand. Reels is one example of this mindset, with Instagram releasing its short-form content tool in August 2020 as a response to the growing popularity of similar content on platforms such as TikTok. If your digital agency isn’t using Reels as part of your clients’ social media marketing campaigns, there’s no time like the present to start. The July 2022 update makes Reels more effective than ever as a digital marketing tool with new tools and features to enhance creation and collaboration. 

Enhanced Remix Feature

The Remix feature allows creators to make reactions to videos from other users. Additions to Remix will expand on its collaborative nature, adding the ability to remix photos that are available publicly. Remix will also feature all-new layouts as well as allow creators to add recordings after the original clip rather than both clips appearing simultaneously.

All New Templates

Your digital agency can quickly create high-quality, entertaining Reels for your clients using Reels Templates consisting of preloaded sound and clip placeholders. Photos and clips are easily slotted into the placeholders, creating a Reel in no time.

Create Reels By Converting Video Posts

With this new update, Instagram will automatically convert any video posts into Reels as long as they are shorter than 15 minutes. Any existing posts or videos longer than 15 minutes will be kept as a standard video post. 

Reels Ads Can Be Boosted

The ability for Reels to be boosted as an ad is big news for your digital agency. Reels can be turned into ads from the Instagram app, allowing your clients’ Reels to generate even more views and engagement. As long as the Reel consists of only original content, is no longer than 60 seconds in length and is recorded in the correct 9:16 vertical aspect ratio, it can be boosted by simply tapping “Boost Post” when viewing the content. Once boosted, you will have access to exclusive engagement insights available only to ads.

If your digital agency isn’t already incorporating Reels into your clients’ social media marketing campaigns, it’s time to start. At Digital Resellers Canada, we understand that social media marketing can consume a lot of your digital agency’s time and resources, which is why we work with agencies as a digital marketing reseller. We offer white label services to digital agencies so they can deliver even more services faster than ever before. If you’re looking to include more social media marketing in your services, Digital Resellers Canada can help you out. To get started, send us an email at