Instagram is one of the leading social media platforms in the world. With millions of posts per day and billions of engagements, it only makes sense that the app has developed into a hub of business activity. With so many people using this platform, there are many ways to market products and services on it for your clients. However, the key lies in attracting the right followers in larger numbers to your client’s social media platform. People who are interested in what your client is marketing. In this blog, we chat about some tried and tested methods of gaining Insta followers for your client.

Follower-Friendly Tip #1: Make An Effort To Plan Your Client’s Posting Calendar Strategically

Nothing beats having a solid plan to work from in terms of what to post and when for your client. Account for special events and holidays so that your client’s content is well-timed and audiences can relate. Content that is up-to-the-minute and in tune with the community it appeals to can attract followers for your client.

Follower-Friendly Tip #2: Ask Compelling Questions And Use Strong Calls To Action

If you want to boost engagement for your client, questions always get the job done. You can also drive traffic to your client’s website or improve conversions with clear CTAs. It is all about determining what your client wants to achieve.

Follower-Friendly Tip #3: Use Instagram Analytics To Learn More About Your Audience

There’s so much data available on Instagram’s analytics tool – all you need to do is go through it for important information. You can learn about who your client is talking to, where they’re from, why they’re on the platform, what your client can offer them, and when your client can reach out to them. This allows you to create content for your client that prompts their target audience to follow your account.

Follower-Friendly Tip #4: Run Competitions To Get Audiences Excited And Engaged

Who doesn’t love the feeling of winning a prize? We all do! Use this will to win as a tool for getting Instagram users to follow your client. You can run client competition campaigns where the following is a prerequisite. This way, your client’s follow count goes up and their audience stands to a product that puts their brand out there. Everybody wins.

Follower-Friendly Tip #5: Craft Catchy Hashtags To Spark And Facilitate Conversations

Some users follow hashtags as well as accounts. Do some research on conversations that relate to the industry your client is marketing to, then get creative by introducing new ones to advance the conversation. This can result in more followers for your client via the hashtag.

It’s not necessarily about being the most popular right off the bat. It’s about creating a space for client engagement. The opportunities for growth on Instagram are endless, you just have to find them and make the most of them for your client. We can show you how.

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