5 Best Practices for CTAs that Pack a Punch

Call To Action

A fantastic Call To Action (CTA) is what good marketing is made of. CTAs should be authentically littered throughout pricing guides, websites, social media captions, email newsletters, and more in order to get results for your clients. 

As white label pay per click providers, we create white label marketing deliverables of all kinds. We’ve picked up five best practices that will help your agency make your CTAs more powerful and effective. 

1.   WOW Them With The Design

CTAs are often designed in the form of a clickable button that leads to a booking page, a storefront, or a landing page. The best CTA buttons, or Johnson Boxes, are on-brand and beautifully designed. 

2.   Location, Location, Location

Next, winning CTAs are placed in the perfect spot and are often repeated throughout marketing material. Be intentional with where you place your CTA so that you stand a better chance of convincing a viewer to do what you want them to do. 

3.   Take The Benefits Approach

Viewers will be much more likely to click on your button, pop-up or hyperlink if they can clearly identify a benefit in doing so. Whether this benefit speaks to a discount, a limited-time offer, or something more visceral and emotive, be sure to add it in! 

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4.   Use The Imperative Form

Basically, make the CTA a command. Start with a powerful verb like “unleash,” “unlock,” “discover,” or “indulge,” and you’re golden. 

5.    Shorter Is Better

Pack a punch with a CTA that is short and to the point. While five words or less are needed if you plan to fit your CTA on to a button, even a CTA in a blog post or a pop-up should be short and memorable. 

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