3 Ways To Make Sure A Potential Client Is The Right Fit For Your Agency

In your efforts to scale at speed, it may be tempting to onboard any client that shows an interest in working with you. However, taking on clients who are not a perfect fit will lead to challenges down the road. 

As providers of a quality web design reseller program and other white label digital marketing services, we outline 3 ways you can ensure that a potential client is worth the time and effort you will inevitably put into them. 

  •   Did They Respond Well To Your Sales Process?

Your project management process is likely unique. You have developed a way of working that optimizes the results your clients receive, and not every single client will respond to it. By mirroring your project management process in your sales process, you will give potential clients a taste of what to expect. If they don’t respond well to the way you onboard them, they likely won’t respond well to your day-to-day process either. 

For example, if your agency likes to manage interactions via a special client portal and virtual meetings, make sure your sales process also uses these contact mediums. Those who don’t like it won’t pursue working with you. 

  • Have You Achieved Results For A Similar Client?

Another way to gauge if you and a possible client make a good fit is to analyze whether you have completed work in a similar industry before. When you have a track record of working with businesses in the FMCG space, for example, you will feel comfortable with the marketing mix and strategy required to truly assist your client. 

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  • Do They Value What You Value

While having your kick-off or chemistry call with a would-be client, ask probing questions that uncover whether the client is on the same page as you. Do they expect your agency to get their business’s IG page 100 000 followers, but your agency avoids vanity metrics in favour of real results? If so, you’re not a good fit, and it will save your agency time and hassle walking away then and there.

 After you have assessed the chemistry between your agency and a potential client, the hard work begins. Make your life that much easier by outsourcing your clients’ projects to our white label resource team. 

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