When a new client knocks on your door, what’s one of the first things you prepare yourself to do? Yes, that’s right – you start preparing your Keywords for SEO purposes, because in today’s digital marketing age, it’s the content that matters; it’s the content, which is SEO-driven, that’s the advertisement your clients need.

So, how do you go about creating content that is strategic enough to drive traffic to your client’s website, all the way down the sales funnel? What’s your first move?

Let’s take a look at the important factors when preparing great content to help SEO rankings and ultimately sales.

  • Blogs

One of the most crucial aspects of your client’s strategies must be to host a blog menu tab with scores of content in it, all written with Keywords that are directed to answering your client’s prospects most dire questions. It should include a location in the blog itself, pointing prospects in the area to your client’s site. This is a strategy digital marketers all over Canada are using today to make the most of search engine queries with regard to organic results. Make use of the blog and frequently update them.

  • Website content

Your client’s actual website has many tabs – Home, About Us, and so on. By making proper use of the content on these pages, your client can earn better SEO results from the correct, strategic use of these pages and the content that goes on it. So, for example, instead of describing the business in a normal way, take it up a notch and describe it with the prospect in mind knowing that someone somewhere in Canada is going to search for your client through such Keywords as you insert. When writing, try to address the pain that these prospects might be feeling and how your client’s service addresses that pain.

  • Social Media

Social media, like email marketing, is another avenue of digital marketing that you can use – but with regard to strategic content marketing for SEO Marketing, you can use social media by linking pages from your client’s social media account to blogs or to landing pages. Through social media, you can use SEO Keywords in your storyline to attract visitors and those that may seek your client’s services or products. The more outbound links you create on, for example, Facebook, which link up to a blog, the more noticeable it will be to search engines like Google.

Make use of strategic content creation, and work at it consistently to produce the most effective results for your clients’ prospects.

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