When we ushered in a new year three months ago, none of us could foresee the major effect that the Coronavirus pandemic would have on our businesses. As daunting as it may be to face the task of running an agency in these times, taking overwhelming positive action is what you need to do. In this blog, we share key ideas that you can use to take your digital agency forward despite the current global situation.

First Idea: Take Steps To Look After The Health Of People Whose Care You’re Entrusted With

We cannot stress this enough. It is paramount that you take measures to look after the welfare of your family and friends, employees, and your immediate community. This is a multi-layered conversation, but in terms of health, it requires businesses to make means for social distancing to take place through remote working. Physically withdrawing from society in this way ensures that your agency plays a responsible role in slowing down the spread while keeping regular functions rolling.

Second Idea: Establish Which Levels Of Societal & Economic Withdrawal Are Necessary & Which Aren’t

Nobody knows the exact numbers, but this pandemic will pass us by. Perhaps in 3 months, maybe 6 months, or even more. The big question is: what will be left after that? Well, that depends on how much work we’re still getting done from home. Certain transactions and activities can continue using modern technology. Determine what these are for your agency and engage in them to avoid creating a bigger problem for us to deal with down the track

“Wellbeing isn’t just health at this point. It’s the economy of people’s wellbeing also. The more commercial engagements that we stop participating in, every single time we do something unnecessarily, we’re creating a big problem for someone to deal with today and a bigger problem for us all to deal with down the track,” says Globital’s Damian Papworth.

Third Idea: Take This As An Opportunity To Show Leadership in the Digital Marketing Industry

Digital agencies have access to and experience with all the latest technology that can create a solid infrastructure for effective remote work. Software such as Zoom and Skype minimises the need for face-to-face sales meetings and other forms of human contact. As digital marketers, we can use our knowledge of these tools to help our clients build a workable digital infrastructure that they can use for their businesses.

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