Revaluating your marketing strategy for the year every December is incredibly helpful in determining what worked and what didn’t. The insights gained also allow you to plan more effectively for 2017. You can remove less effective strategies and replace them with winning approaches.

Below we look at 5 marketing trends that will influence the way you tell your brand’s story and the stories of your business clients next year. Some are even evergreen strategies that continue in strength and impact.

  1. Content marketing

Content marketing is one of those evergreen digital marketing tools that is influential in so many ways, from promoting organic SEO results to providing better user experiences to nurturing the sales process and converting leads. The big focus for 2017 will be optimising content for mobile platforms as the shift to mobile search only looks set to increase.

  1. Visual content

Visual content has its role to play in an effective marketing strategy.46 Percent of digital marketers in North America identify photography is essential to their marketing strategies. Visual assets such as infographics, images and graphical illustrations form part of a core visual content marketing approach.

  1. Facebook

The reach and impact of Facebook marketing to increase sales leads deserves an entry on this list as it remains an important muscle in your 2017 marketing plan.Nearly all of Facebook’s revenue in 2016 was eclipsed by ad spend that amounted to $7 billion, an increase of 59 percent from a year before.

  1. User-generated contentand brand experience

The experience and opinions that peers have of a brand is a weighty concern for prospective buyers. Social shares and customer reviews and visitor comments on blogs are all forms of user-generated content that point to a brand’s trustworthiness.

  1. Pay to Promote

A new way to get the maximum exposure for your content is to pay to promote it. In an ideal world great content will naturally answer to every marketer’s goals, but in reality, the digital sphere has become a highly competitive marketing environment. Your brand’s content has to fight for its place and as a digital marketer you have to use every available tool in the toolbox to help the content you create get noticed. Social media remains a cost effective method to achieve this.

Now that you’ve created an actionable marketing plan for 2017 why not add more value to your service offering by offering your clients the same template that you’ve come up with that would allow them to also leverage their digital marketing campaigns and increase their ROI.

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